The Power of Leveraging Our Strengths and Supporting Others

The Power of Leveraging Our Strengths and Supporting Others

When I started TWBC 9 years ago, I knew I was going to meet interesting people and gain learning from places I had never been to before, but nothing could have prepared me for the incredible people we have worked with and how much enthusiasm and ingenuity we encounter daily. Thank you to everyone who has embarked on their personal learning with The Wellbeing Collective, whose stories and experiences are utterly inspiring.

I remember reading a great book called The Rise of The Player Manager by Philip Augar and Joy Palmer, who made the point that the people doing the most challenging jobs need and deserve the most compassionate and genuine support. That made absolute sense to me – for example, people working in health and social care settings of all types and in all roles work in highly complex worlds and undertake really challenging work. People, therefore, need access to meaningful emotional and practical support from leaders and colleagues who are individually invested in them, and who are focussed on helping them do a great job through creativity and compassion.

I have been struck by the numbers of people we have worked alongside, who are so committed to their own learning and who have been so open and prepared to explore their development needs, all in pursuit of better outcomes for the people that use their services.

One of these fantastic leaders told me that their role as a line manager was to, ‘clear obstacles out of the way so that staff could do their jobs to their fullest potential’. He went on to say that coaching conversations and two-way honest feedback, combined with listening and acting in a timely way when he needed to, were the key elements of his job that he always prioritised. As a result, when we facilitated his 360° appraisals, the feedback he received was amazing and the impact he has on direct patient care was tangible.

This leader was playing to his strengths – and it paid off – so why is it that we are so often reluctant to recognise our personal talents? Why is it that it seems easier to focus on making ourselves “better”, “improved” or “transformed” than to leverage our existing talents and qualities?

By taking a few moments to acknowledge and use the skills and qualities we already have, we can make a huge difference. The quote below says it all for me:


Your smile is your logo;

your personality is your business card; 

how you leave others feeling after having an experience with you becomes your trademark.

~ Jay Danzie


Written by Amy Hobson, CEO of The Wellbeing Collective.

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