Social Responsibility

The Wellbeing Collective actively work towards:

   Justice by removing obstacles to learning and strive to embed equitable outcomes.

   Equity by holding ourselves to that they we create a fair and safe learning environment.

   Diversity by celebrating the protected characteristics, intersectionality and lived experience.

   Belonging by striving to build a culture where everyone feels they are valued.

   Environment by contributing holistically to sustainability and the reduction of harm.

Our whole team share The Wellbeing Collective values and we choose to work with partners, and for clients, who have the same outlook and commitments. We demonstrate this through our professional practice and by routinely providing our services at no cost to people and ‘not for profit’ organisations. The Wellbeing Collective share it’s profits with employees and charitable causes.

Cost of living crisis

If anyone is unable to pay for one of our services or online products, they can contact us via and we actively consider ways that we can help.