The Wellbeing Collective is a people-development company that offers individuals, organisations and communities simple solutions to complex issues.



   Amy Hobson co-founded The Wellbeing Collective in 2014 and has 30 years’ experience in transformational people development. The Wellbeing Collective achieves great results through innovative coaching, facilitation, training programmes and online courses.



   Using positive psychology, The Wellbeing Collective empowers people including those experiencing marginalisation and social injustice.

Improving my Wellbeing and Finding balance, facilitated by Amy Hobson, co-founder of the Wellbeing Collective.


Going live on the 3rd October, our free wellbeing course has been produced as part of our wellbeing and stress at work initiative, and is in support of World Mental Health Day 2023.


A free excerpt version of our larger Personal Mastery digital programme, the 8 episode podcasts and interactive activity downloads focus on supporting all staff. Topics include finding balance, managing emotions and the CALM model.


All of our free resources, including activity downloads for the course, can be shared and used in any organisation to support your wellbeing programmes.


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78% of UK companies have taken steps to increase their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) since 2021, The Wellbeing Collective can support you to achieve this.


Are you looking for a course that enables psychological safety through building allyship?


Perhaps you want to reduce staff conflict by increasing empathy?


If so, the expert team at The Wellbeing collective has developed an online course that fits seamlessly into your current training.


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Our Products and Services


The Wellbeing Collective offers a diverse range of coaching, including:


   Executive and individual


   Pairs and partnerships


   Teams and groups


   Single micro sessions

   Specialist supervision


   Integrative therapeutic


   Equity, diversity and inclusion


  Personal mastery and growth


   Performance and productivity

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The Wellbeing Collective provides positive psychology-based:


   Team development and planning


   Restorative headspace and wellbeing


   Action Learning and reflective sets


  Trauma-informed development sessions


   Mediation between individuals and groups

   Workshops and events of all scales


   Community and stakeholder engagement


   Cultural audits and cultural change programmes


   Design and delivery of 360° feedback


   Design and delivery of assessment centres


   Talent management and performance management


The Wellbeing Collective provides training programmes that can be designed entirely around your needs. Examples include:








   Equity, diversity and inclusion


   Coaching skills


   Agile / hybrid working


   Strategy development


   Positive psychology


   Appreciative Inquiry

   Trauma-informed practice


   Cultural development


   Compelling conversations


   Change and transformation


   Serious Incident Investigations


   Organisational development


   Working with the public and communities


   Strengths-based selection


   Neuroscience and NLP


   Developing teams

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Online Courses

   The Wellbeing Collective courses enable a key focus on a growth mindset and embedding continuous learning in your home, work and community.

   Every online course and training programme provides tools, downloads, resources and consolidation questions throughout, to ensure you are equipped to always re-evaluate, keep an open mind and keep learning.

   Unlike traditional e-learning templates, The Wellbeing Collective provides online learning that allows the learner to think critically, reflect and explore real experiences in order to develop their personal understanding, rather than only being taught facts and figures.

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