360 and 180 People Development Assessments

Let us take your 360 and 180 feedback into a deeper and more focussed exploration, providing you with the tools to build a personalised development plan.


The Wellbeing Collective’s 360* and 180 enables you to attain a much richer and more insightful set of feedback that you can utilise and embed. Tailormade, you will be able to adapt and amend the questions to focus on the topics that are most relevant to you and your role.

*A 360 development assessment provides feedback which includes colleagues within and outside of your direct team, whereas a 180 development assessment focusses on feedback within your internal team.

For assessments that always ensure that participants can be at their best, contact us today via info@thewellbeingcollective.co.uk.

Benefits of undertaking your people development assessments with The Wellbeing Collective include:

  • Owning and collaborating throughout the 360/180 process, providing a greater chance to understand and embed the learning that a e.g. 360 provides.
  • Undertaking your development assessment as an individual or team.
  • Focusing the questions on the areas of development and lead on your communication with your respondents.
  • Gaining access to a rich seam of information as most of the questions are open text, allowing honesty and candour so crucial messages to be heard.
  • Benefiting from a 1:1 feedback session with our expert facilitators, who ensure your feedback is also linked to professional, organisational and leadership behaviour and values.
  • Receiving a clear breakdown of the data via your TWBC facilitator, helping you create a personalised development plan and deeper understanding of self-awareness.

360 and 180 People Development Brochure
360 and 180 People Development Brochure