Group Coaching

Group coaching is a closed group with a consistent facilitator who creates a bespoke learning experience designed around your needs. The Wellbeing Collective ensures each and every one of our coaching groups enable growth and sustained team trust, cohesion and effectiveness.

We offer face to face and online versions to single and multiple groups across your organisation.

The Wellbeing Collective also run a small number of group coaching programmes each year, giving individuals and small groups from varied organisations access our highly effective development experiences.

If you are interested please sign up today for one of our upcoming cohorts by contacting us via or press the get in touch link below to chat over which group might suit you best and have any questions answered.

Coaching brochure
Coaching brochure

Each coaching group will have 6 x monthly 2 hour sessions. These sessions include:

   Our coaching programmes are closed groups with one consistent facilitator who will create a bespoke learning experience designed around your coaching and learning needs. Resources, models, tools and techniques will be at your disposal as well as the opportunity to build highly confidential relationships with people in similar situation as yourself from other parts of the county or system.

   We coordinate each group of 6 – 8 senior leaders to maximise learning opportunities and diversity as well as ensuring that there is a shared sense of values that align with ours here at TWBC.

   Our Facilitators are highly experienced coaches, facilitators and are steeped in best practice, current thinking and lived experience.