Coaching Supervision

Have you thought about coaching supervision?

Are you coaching regularly? Do you coach people who bring significant needs, questions and concerns to their coaching sessions? Are you noticing anything about your coaching practice that you would like the time and space to address? Would you value some protected time with a coach supervisor to review and reflect upon the issues that arise for you as you are coaching, to think and reset yourself ready for your next session, or to consider and explore ways of improving your coaching?

Then talk to us about the benefits of, and how to access, good coaching supervision.

Carol is an ILM Level 7 executive coach who has undertaken further training and achieved an additional qualification as a coach supervisor. She believes in the importance of placing the supervisee at the centre of the supervision situation, and has a bespoke, person-centred and flexible approach to coaching supervision.

As a coach and coach supervisor, Carol is able to provide:


   1:1 or group coaching supervision to senior leaders and clinicians across a wide range of fields of practice;


   Coaching supervision that will support personal and professional development.

The role of the coaching supervisor is to:


  • provide a safe space within which coaches can develop their coaching skills,
  • explore any potential ethical dilemmas,
  • examine and review the quality of their coaching,
  • have an opportunity to address their own wellbeing needs as a coach.


Coaching is a recognised skilled discipline, and coaches need continual professional development in order to coach well. A competent qualified supervisor can help a coach address these needs.

Ethics and codes of conduct

As a member of the ILM and the ICF (International Coach Federation), Carol has an obligation to operate within an ethical framework. The ICF code of ethics gives outlines of coach behaviours. For clients who are coached by Carol, they can expect:


  • confidential sessions (within the legal framework),
  • adherence to the highest standards of self-awareness,
  • a respect of the coachee’s and supervisee’s needs for a non-judgemental space within which to reflect,
  • a transparent and straightforward process of engagement,
  • a coach and supervisor who believes that each of us has the inner resourcefulness to find the right answers.
Coaching brochure
Coaching brochure