Personal Mastery: Self Development At Work

Are you looking for a bespoke management training programme? Perhaps you want a couple of courses focussing on areas specific to you or your team? Or maybe you are after a suite that provides comprehensive management development training? Our inclusive ‘Personal Mastery’ programme can support you today! Built as a custom suite of 12 courses that focus on your self-development in the workplace, it provides a flexible and accessible route to training. The programme works as a scaffold, enabling you to pick either the courses most relevant to your needs or when taken in combination, provides an entire development programme.

The 12 courses are written with a diverse range of people and occupations in mind, so there’s no jargon or complex language. We simply teach you in an accessible format about everything you need to know to understand your self-development in the workplace.


Why choose Personal Mastery?

   Personal Mastery is so much more than a management training and self-development suite of courses. It teaches and enables you to grow in any organisational environment. You can start the course at any time and it can be perfectly aligned to your organisations face to face development activity, such as Action Learning Sets and coaching. 

   This programme has been designed as a learning resource. Whilst the 12 courses have been designed sequentially, it is perfectly ok to choose any number of the courses and complete them in the order of your preference. We do recommend you begin with our introductory course (Course 1) as it’s a great way to start any further learning.

   Every course contains bite-sized videos and audio, cutting edge visuals and highly interactive, immersive designs to aid learning. Complimented with tools, techniques and tips to download and use, you can learn anywhere on any device and at your personal pace.

   Every learner will gain sustainable outcomes and a shared experience that aligns to your organisations values, goals and wider professional development programmes. 

Packed with practical tips and ideas for supporting professional and personal development, the courses contain interactive elements throughout, including videos, podcasts, activity booklets and quizzes to embed the learning.

Because the Personal Mastery programme is delivered online, leaners from all over the world can learn from our experts, at their own pace, on their choice of device, in the comfort of their own home or workplace.

Course Overview

Course 1: Introduction

An introduction to the programme, learn about Emotional Intelligence, diversity and inclusion and goal setting.

Course 2: Wellbeing

Focussing on your wellbeing, learn about how you can find balance, manage emotions and the CALM model.

Course 3: Achieving

Concentrating on achieving your goals, this course goes into detail on aiming high and amazing solutions to reach the goals you have set.

Course 4: Communication

Looking at communication, this course includes under the surface comms, what we see, say and do, as well as healthy conflict.

Course 5: Relationships

Taking a closer look at your relationships, this course centres on vulnerability-based trust, empathy and transactional analysis.

Course 6: Teams

What makes a great team? In this course you will learn about the elements of a great team, emotional safety and giving and receiving feedback.

Course 7: Leadership

Honing your understanding of leadership styles, this course will also look at the role leaders play and the function and importance of social leadership.

Course 8: Culture

What is culture? Who are culture guardians and why do values play such an important role.

Course 9: Partnerships

Focussing on your partnerships, this course will take you through learning systems, stakeholders and the influencing pyramid.

Course 10: Change

Dealing with and adapting to change. This course will delve into feelings and behaviours, the neuroscience of change and ‘being human’.

Course 11: Positivity

Learn about positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and co-production.

Course 12: Creativity

Looking at our brains and creativity, this course will also discuss metaphors in everyday life and how being creative can support your self-development journey.

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