Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

“I was hooked throughout [the EDI course] and I think it was probably the most untraining, training course I have ever completed. It was refreshing to have the core delivery being lived experience either through structured conversations or written accounts, which just made everything more real and personal. I also thought the e-notebook and glossary were really innovative.” Solent.

Are you looking for a course that enables psychological safety through building allyship? Perhaps you want to reduce staff conflict by increasing empathy? If so, the expert team at The Wellbeing collective has developed an online course that fits seamlessly into your current training. Purchased per topic or as a whole course, it can also harmonise any existing EDI training. The Wellbeing Collective can help you reach an even broader range of employees whilst complimenting team and organisational development.

The 4 module course is written with a diverse range of people and occupations in mind, so there’s no jargon or complex language. We simply teach you in an accessible format about everything you need to know to understand any bias, privilege and active allyship.

Based on real people talking about their lived experiences, the course covers all the essential topics including:


  • Assumptions and perceptions
  • Privilege
  • Active allyship
  • Application of your learning at home, work and community

Packed with practical tips and ideas for supporting organisational conversations, the course contains interactive elements throughout, including videos, podcasts, activity booklets and thought provoking questions.

Because the EDI course is delivered online, leaners from all over the world can learn from our experts, at their own pace, on their choice of device, in the comfort of their own home or workplace.

Course Overview

Topic 1 - Assumptions and Perceptions

Learn everything you need to know about assumptions and perceptions, including why you make assumptions, the difference between assumptions and perceptions and the importance of confronting your bias [including unconscious and implicit]. Supported by real lived examples to enhance your learning.

Topic 2 - Privilege

Learn what your own privileges and lack thereof are, including reframing your thinking about what it means to be privileged. In this topic you will also learn about discrimination and the various forms of conflict faced due to ‘privilege’ disadvantages. Supported by real lived examples to enhance your learning.

Topic 3 - Allyship

Learn what it means to be an active ally, how to become one yourself in everyday situations and reflecting on real lived examples of active allies in action.

Topic 4 - Applying your learning

Learn how to embed your knowledge of Assumptions and Perceptions, Privilege and Allyship into your work, home and community.

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