Are you feeling the pressures of summer holidays?

Are you feeling the pressures of summer holidays?


Are you feeling the pressures of going on holiday?

From the potential cancellation of your plane, the rise of inflation or the distressing scenes of the European heatwave to the manic run up to get everything completed at work and home before you leave…and the dread of the 100+ emails you are going to return to? Did you know you can use Appreciative Inquiry to help support you? 

By focussing on the power of positive psychology and using Appreciative Inquiry, we can empower ourselves and others and enable positive change in our mindset.

Take Michael for example, he has a passion for cycling and has spent much of his life training and racing in cycle races and triathlons. When he retired from the NHS, he wanted to spend time doing his favourite hobby, cycling, in one of his favourite places, the beautiful island of Mallorca (a bike riders heaven). His aim is to support and enable individuals, who want to grow and improve as riders and racers, by sharing his experience and knowledge whilst cycling on the super smooth roads of Mallorca. What’s not to like?

One couple Michael worked with wanted to explore the island by bike and get in some serious training and preparation for a race on the island.

Over three days he helped them prepare for their triathlon race. Sally had completed a few triathlon races over recent years, but has not competed in a long race for many years. She arrived on the island having trained hard all winter and on paper had done ample training to successfully complete the race and achieve the personal satisfaction of knowing she had given her best.

While chatting with Sally it was clear that, despite her physical preparedness, she was anxious and nervous about her ability to undertake the demands of the race. She said she hadn’t been sleeping that well in recent days and was constantly rehearsing sections of the race in her head.

Together, Michael and Sally spent a number of hours sitting and chatting; not swimming, not cycling and not running, just chatting with a coffee or a small glass of beer. They talked about a whole range of things and have got to know each other quite well. As the conversations progressed they started talking about her preparation, her training and the impending race. It’s clear that she is in good physical shape for the race. However, she started talking about what more she needed to do this week to further prepare. We talked about how well she’s prepared and that there is no further physical training that will have any benefit this near race day. They then turned to the emotional and psychological preparation for race day.

Over their long coffee chats they chatted about focusing on her positive routines and methods of doing things on race day. They worked on mental guided journeys through the race; imagining how she will handle each aspect of the day, how she will respond to things that go well and the unexpected things that will inevitably happen during a long day racing, how she will use the crowds and the positive energy they provide. Sally seems to always have a smile on her face and she is keen to use her smile on the day to greet other competitors, volunteers who help out and the cheering crowd. The odd high five along the run route will be welcome.

Sally has worked through all stages of the race, she has planned her nutrition and the transitions; the kit changes as the race goes by and most importantly she has visioned how she will celebrate when she crosses the finish line after 6 hours of racing and falls into the arms of her loved ones.

The first time they went out on the bikes to ride part of the race route was important as the bike course includes some long mountain climbs and steep descents. Sally was anxious at the start and had a queasy stomach. Again they talked through that she had done all the necessary training and today was about learning the route, knowing when to take in nutrition, when to push and when to hold back. They talked through how to vision that race day as all about her, nobody else. While it’s valuable to enjoy the day and flourish, it’s also important race your own race. They talked through how she knows exactly what pace she has to do and that other people rushing by don’t matter. This is her race and she will not be impacted on by others.

They had a great ride. The sun was shining and they chatted all way round. Sally grew in confidence as the ride went on. She stared to own her place on the road and wasn’t phased by what any other person out training was doing. Sally began to relax and her positive attitude began to shine (helped by another coffee and delicious almond cake).

When they got back home and said their goodbyes for the day as she cycled off to her rented house, she turned to me and said thank you and ‘I feel awesome’.


The power of positivity!


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From everyone at TWBC, we hope you have a wonderful start to your summer holidays.




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