A Trauma Informed Guide To Work

Wellbeing: A trauma informed guide

Our Wellbeing: A trauma informed guide course is designed in a way to help you understand wellbeing, trauma and stress at work. This interactive e-learning will support your development by guiding you through models, tools, techniques and lived experience examples. By the end of the course you will have to hand an array of helpful ways to navigate trauma and maintain your health and wellbeing.


The course is based upon Trauma Informed Practice principles as defined by the Depart of Health & Social Care (2022). It is grounded in the understanding that experiencing repeated stress and trauma can impact our individual brains, bodies, emotions and social wellbeing.


Our aim is that this course is applicable across a range of different working environments.   The learning within, is intended to assist day to day working life in often complex and pressurised circumstances. It is rooted in researched models and experiential learning.

This course has three parts: 

  • Realising, Recognising and Reflecting
  • Resisting, Reframing, Responding
  • Resilience, Recovery and Wellbeing

For each step you will hear from a subject matter expert who will guide you through the learning and lived experience of others as well as have access to blogs written by those who have experienced trauma and how they responded.

Packed with practical tips and ideas for supporting those experiencing, the course contains interactive elements throughout, including videos, podcasts, activity booklets and thought provoking questions.

Because the Trauma Informed course is delivered online, leaners from all over the world can learn from our experts, at their own pace, on their choice of device, in the comfort of their own home or workplace.

Course Overview

Step One: Realising, Recognising and Reflecting

Understanding the cumulative impact of challenging moments in the workplace.

It is about how stress may have affected you over time, and about understanding work in the context of trauma and how this can present or show up in individuals, teams and organisations.

Step 2: Resisting, Reframing and Responding

Understanding the underpinnings of workplace wellbeing.

It looks at the evidence about wellbeing at work, and is focused on helping you add to develop your own restorative resources, in order to think about what works for you personally and what gets in the way.

Step 3: Resilience, Recovery and Wellbeing

Applying your learning and developing self-awareness plans that will help you to manage workplace challenges as they arise.

It is about helping you to find out what you can do by drawing on your learning in order to promote your individual wellbeing.

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