Learning Site

Welcome to our Learning Site access page. To access our site, please click the above coloured boxes in order to view our home page, sign in page or free resources bundles.

To learn more about what our Learning Site entails, please scroll down or click on a specific section using the bullets below.

What is a Learning Site?

The Learning Site is a secure section of our website which hosts our online training programmes. By clicking the home, sign in or free resources bundle tabs at the top of this page, you can enrol into our paid and free courses.

You can also view our ‘Free Resources Bundle’. Further information on this can be found here.

What is the free resources bundle and how can I access it?

Our Free Resources Bundle is an area of the Learning Site that is set up as a repository for all the best resources made available to you, as a part of our free interactive resources initiative. Bundled into themes, they contain useful information, tools, or other resources that aid you in your learning and practicing what we teach in our courses, programmes and wider facilitation and training. Our Seasonal Newsletter contents are transferred to these bundles at the end of each season.

Once enrolled, you are free to explore this library, access its resources and download them where we’ve enabled you to.

If you have any questions about how you can make the most of your resource after downloading it, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

What bundle themes are included?
Personal Mastery
Empowered Leadership and Teams
Difference, Diversity and Inclusion
Organisational Development
Appreciative Inquiry
Pandemic specific

What can you use these resources for:
Your personal learning
As additional content to our paid courses, programmes and training
Sharing across your teams and organisations where we have enabled a download function. (Please note, all resources are copyrighted and must not be amended in any way. If the download function is not enabled but you would like a copy of the resource, please contact us).

What types of resources are included in the free resources bundle:
Welcome to your resource library
Written Resources (A4 PDF Downloads)
Video Resources (you tube)
Audio Resources (podcasts)
Image Resources (Instagram / Twitter)

Please note, not all of our libraries will contain all 5 types. They are being consciously added to and updated seasonally. If you would like to a resource on something in particular, or have any feedback please do get in touch as we would love to hear from you.