‘Everyone benefits from kindness so we are generous.’

‘Everyone benefits from kindness so we are generous.’

No one can know what anyone else is going through: what kind of day, week, year they are having or what is going through their mind. What we do know is that everyone benefits from kindness. ‘Everyone benefits from kindness so we are generous’ is one of our values at The Wellbeing Collective. How could you be more generous with your time, patience and kindness?

In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day in 2023, I jotted down acts of kindness I saw over a 24-hour period at work this week – this is what I found…

  • 13 emails, texts or messages were sent that included clear messages of kindness, compassion, helpfulness or concern.
  • Food/drink were provided on video calls 14 times.
  • 6 stories recounting kindness at work during coaching sessions.
  • 1 example of kind and helpful customer care.
  • 3 occasions where a passer-by smiled, waved or stopped to chat.
  • 1 time that a colleague offered up time to help another colleague with a tech issue.
  • 1 time that I witnessed a stranger help another.
  • 8 examples of people in my household doing something kind with love, patience, service or generosity for someone else

These stats equate to around 50 acts of kindness that I received, offered or witnessed in one day. Giving and receiving kindness raises our dopamine levels which means we get an increased sense of wellbeing.

I genuinely have felt more cared for and calm in the last day because I have been recognising kindness and compassion all around me, in all its forms. When provided generously and recognised frequently, it can help us all live happier lives. I wonder how many examples you could spot in a day?

The Wellbeing Collective team chooses kindness every day, as a way of life, and we know that by being generous with it, we are part of better outcomes for everyone we work with.



By Amy Hobson, CEO of The Wellbeing Collective.



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